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A Woman Owned Farm   Offering Top Notch   Produce and Fresh Flowers 

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Hastings Corner is a market garden located in the heart of Historic Downtown Laurens, SC. Many things are grown here, including veggies, greens, flowers, and ornamentals! Growing a little bit of everything helps us to reach more customers and provide for more people. Check out our "What We Grow" Page for more information on our varieties. More are added all the time! We would love to know what YOU would like us to grow!

We couldn't be happier to grow fresh foods for family, friends and the community; to donate, and supply some of our favorite restaurants. Follow along and see all of the places where you can find us! You can also check out our Hastings Harvest Box to simplify the way you look at healthy eating!

Our 2023 goals include donating food to The Laurens County Food Share, building a walk in cold storage area, selling microgreens, collaborating with local Chefs, and finding new ways to broaden our horizons.

A Family Venture

If you've seen us at market then you'll know that this is a family venture. We want our children to learn the basics of growing their own food by helping in the process and becoming good stewards of our land and the environment. From helping us pick produce to chatting with customers, these guys are the reason we do it all! 

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Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

It is very important to us that we are working as hard as we can to produce the best product for our customers. Because we are new to the world of market gardening, we know we have a lot to learn and would love for our customers to help us! If you are a regular customer, have enjoyed any of our products, or turned down purchasing from our farm, we would love to hear from you! Your responses will help us continue to improve and hopefully allow us to stay in business for the long haul.

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