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Our Story

Matt and Mady met in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC in 2014 when Mady traveled there to start her post-university life as a registered nurse. Their shared love of "Parks and Recreation" and athletics bonded them, and love carried them the rest of the way. Although they were married on a farm in 2017, they had no idea they would one day be operating a market garden themselves. Their home in Simpsonville, SC allowed them to start their family. Once they discovered they were having their third baby, Boone, they decided it was time to move to a home with some more room inside and out.   

The move to Laurens, SC came with many "firsts." The biggest was the idea of starting a market garden on the empty lot that was included in our home purchase. Mady's passion for houseplants, and the garden, grew into a small business with the potential to make a big impact. They weren't sure how it would work, or if anything would even grow...they just knew they would have do it with the same energy they do everything else: 110% effort. With lots of research, trial and error, failures and successes, they taught themselves how to grow food and flowers.

They are now a family farm, operating to teach their children the value of teamwork and taking care of the Earth. The kids are hands on in most things that they do and are learning where their food comes from. They also come to market and see just how far their arms extend into the community. From harvest to market to deliveries, they are involved with it all. 

Come with us as we grow, expand, and become a fixture of the Laurens community.

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