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  • Where do you grow your produce?
    We grow our produce at our home! We loved the idea of being able to be closely connected with the garden in heart and proximity. It makes it easy for us to get things done throughout the day and have a constant handle on problems, solutions, wins and losses.
  • How large is your growing space?
    The growing space we currently have is a little over 15,000 square feet. The land is just over 1 acre in size overall. 100% of our garden beds are hand built using only hand tools.
  • Are you a "till" or "no till" farm?
    We are a no till farm! This means we do not disturb the native soil when building our garden beds. We choose to amend the soil from the top down, creating a thriving habitat for microbes, fungi, insects, and more. This creates a healthier soil, creating healthier plants, which in turn creates healthier humans.
  • Are you "organic?"
    We are not certified organic, no. But we do grow all of our produce using organic practices, organic products, and absolutely no pesticides. We use a combination of barriers and companion planting to reduce pests in the garden. This can call for an unpredictable yield on certain crops, but we roll with the punches.
  • How is your garden fertilized?
    We fertilize our garden using food/garden waste compost, fish emulsion fertilizer, and homemade compost tea fertilizer. 100% of our garden and food waste goes back into the soil, creating a thriving environment for plants to grow. Adding these items back into the soil continues to improve the soil over time instead of damaging it.
  • Where do you sell your produce and flowers?
    As of Spring 2023, we can be found at: Rootimentary in Laurens, SC Stella's Bistro in Simpsonville, SC The Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery in Greenville, SC The Simpsonville Farmer's Market and in the Lauren's County FoodShare Boxes distributed by the SC Empowerment Center in Gray Court, SC.
  • How do I sign up for the Hastings Harvest Box?
    Our Harvest Box slots are currently full, but we are adding names to our wait list!! You can head to the Hastings Harvest Box tab, using the button below, to add your name to the list. Slots will open up as harvests increase and seasons progress so it won't be long before you're holding your own Hastings Harvest.
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