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Merch items are not available for local pickup and will be shipped directly to you. Items grown here on the farm such as loofahs, seeds, subscription boxes, and more will be available for local pick up. We do not accept returns or exchanges on any of our items, but if you have any issues please contact us so we can find a solution.



The best gardening apron for the smallest home gardener to the "Big Boss" on the farm. This apron has a front pouch optimal for harvesting and foraging. Simply release the strings and empty your Roo Pouch into your receptacle, on your kitchen counter, or over the compost pile! Perfect for collecting, weeding, cleaning, and carrying your belongings out in the garden. Available in the "Roo," with full bib, and the "Joey" with the waist pouch only. Multiple colors to match anyone's style! Don't miss out on Roo Apron's awesome accessories and apparel as well!

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