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Hastings Harvest Box Slots are Currently FULL!

Would you like to be added to our waiting list? New slots will be added as harvests increase and seasons shift. Check out the section below to see what sets our produce and harvest box apart from others!

You're On the List!

What Sets Us Apart?

Many farms offer community supported agriculture-type subscription boxes, so why choose ours? See below for details!


Same Day Harvest & Delivery

The next best thing to getting your produce from your own garden is getting it from a local farm the SAME day that it was harvested; a luxury that isn't even available to market customers! This is a staple of the Hastings Harvest Box concept. Whether you're signing up for delivery (free within 10 miles) or picking up from the Laurens' Square, you can be sure your produce is fresher than fresh. 


You Know Your Farmer

The person delivering your Hastings Harvest Box is the same person who ordered and sowed the seeds, watered, fertilized, harvested, washed, and packed your produce. I do everything by hand including building the garden beds, sowing the seeds, harvesting and washing. The produce is treated with love and respect, which I believe you can taste when it makes it to your table. I also collaborate with Barefoot Acres, another local farm that provides value-added items like their heritage Meishan pork products as add-on items. 


Conscious Practices with a Health Improving Impact

Everything that is done and added to the garden is chosen to improve the quality of our soil. The 'no till,' method allows us to continuously improve the microbiome, encourage biodiversity, and create an eco-friendly environment. No large equipment or tools are required for our farm of this size or for the methods we employ. Keeping the soil intact in turn allows the produce to harness the nutrition from the soil resulting in better flavors, colors, scents, and nutrition for your body. Companion planting and utilizing a biodiverse method in our garden also allows us to use absolutely no pesticides whatsoever. What should we call that...beyond organic?

“Ya'lllllll if you have not ventured out and made contact with Hastings Corner Farm and Garden, you are missing out! I first grabbed fresh produce and flowers from the spring/summer farmer's market last year and was in love...(imagine multicolor tomatoes for a salad that don't make it home lol). THEN I found out they had Hastings Harvest Boxes. I have received two so far and honestly I am at a loss. Who knew I would like kale?!?!? The produce is picked fresh (imagine a baby cabbage patch being born fresh) and the weekly assortment helps me learn to love new things. Last but not least, Mady is amazing. Always willing to provide recommendations on new ways to try her yummies."

Erica Cook - Laurens, SC

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