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Garden Consultations


What's Included?

  1. View the area you wish to garden on site

  2. Obtain rough measurements of the space

  3. Collect information regarding client's desired outcome of the garden, what produce they would like to plant, and any florals they'd like to grow

  4. Curate a diagram with suggested layout for the next season's garden

  5. Suggestions for preparing the garden bed and soil amendment

Returning for a Re-assessment?

If you've had your garden planned or assessed by us in the past, we offer a reassessment and plan of the same garden space for $50 for any subsequent season. This would include items 3-5 from the above list.

Want to start your own garden but unsure of where to start? Familiar with gardening but need some assistance with design or transitions between seasons? We'd be happy to provide on-site consultations for your customized garden space. We are a smaller market garden that is familiar with planting to maximize yield. Even if you have a small yard, we'll educate and guide you along the way to garden success.  ​

I understand how confusing it can be perusing seed catalogs and websites; even the racks at the home improvement stores can leave us wondering, "will this even grow in our garden?" From different species to their dozens of varieties, I will help choose those that are best suited for our climate here in zone 7b.


Due to our farm demands, we offer a limited number of consultations each season. We're available only in Laurens, SC (& surrounding areas.) Consultation starts at $100.00 for an hour session. Check out what's included below!

"Back in early spring 2022 I reached out to Mady from Hastings Corner and asked for garden help. Help in planning the garden of my dreams. Not just one that would grow food for my family but would bring me joy and beauty and happiness. She first asked what kindof foods we wanted to grow, then used that to create a diagram taking into account companion planting.  Throughout the year I've watched her IG reels and posts to learn more garden tips & tricks. When unsure about a bug or plant, she's been incredibly helpful in providing excellent information. "
-Jessica, Laurens, SC


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